Thursday, June 13, 2013

Media Beginning To Talk About Chemtrails

Goenginerring/chemtrails is beginning to be seen in the news...
Geoengineering: Our Last Hope, or a False Promise? - NY Times Opinion:
This opinion piece is from the New York Times, and it approaches chemtrails as if they're already happening, without any research.. without sounding like a conspiracy "theorist" at all - It's written by a professor of public ethics.  It may be an opinion piece, not written by their staff, but the staff still had to approve it for it to show up.  I'm sure that the NYT gets a ton of opinion pieces every day, and they picked this piece on May 26th, 2013 :)

Brisbane Times

Australia seeks to limit ocean 'geoengineering'

- This is awesome. Worth noting that chemtrails is a kind of geoengineering but not all geoengineering is chemtrails/spraying (example: dumping iron).
Sydney Morning Herald-May 15, 2013Share
Australia has launched a bid to stop the commercial use of a controversial ''geoengineering'' technique that involves dumping iron into the ...

Geoengineering: Can We Save the Planet by Messing with Nature?

Democracy Now-May 20, 2013Share
Supporters of geoengineering endorse radical ways to manipulate the planet, including creating artificial volcanoes to pollute the atmosphere ...

I'm pleased that Democracy Now is letting the geo-engineering topic surface, however their opinion doesn't come to conclusions and leans more on the side of it being a good idea, at least that's how I read it.. But, hey, maybe people who see this will learn to think and question for themselves, and investigate what the ingredients they're spraying really are (aluminum and barium, mostly, among other things), investigate if the program is already happening (it is, and has been used since the 1940s in many different ways, primarily military operations to sicken or change weather of the energy areas in war), what the effects of these chemicals would be on human health and plant health....

A Small Rant (without many links to prove my points, sorry) on Climate Change
And also, I disagree with the whole concept of fighting climate change, because it's a natural cycle for the earth to have signs of shift and problems... We're due for a pole shift and an ice age, both whose symptoms look like now. Also, the earth is a living, conscious, intelligent being that responds to energy, so when the society inhabiting this earth is toxic and abusive to the earth and all living things, of course the negative energy affects the planet and worsens all the time, whenever there is more fear and hatred, anything low vibrational.... Likewise, when there is a consciousness shift and people change, people will start loving the earth more, stop all the wars, stop all the planetary abusive behavior, and stop fearing and hating in general... These high vibrations will help the earth heal, and so, for this reason, it's my strong opinion that we don't need to worry about climate change.  On the 5th dimension, there will be no solar flares or catastrophic earthly events......... I have heard a lot of people who are worried about the solar flares lately... But we're no longer in the 3rd dimension, really.  And that's where all the problems and illusions are....... It'll be fine. Also, I heard a channeled message from the earth once that said that the earth doesn't need to shift dramatically (like an "end of the world" kind of pole shift, etc.) if there is enough love on the planet, and if it/she doesn't want to shift.  ....but that's another story.
Seriously, the climate change stuff is worrisome for many... but I think that it was publicized by mainstream news, mainstream politicians, and mainstream corporate companies, and mainstream scientists.... If they say they're super worried about the global warming, then they have an excuse to have green companies everywhere, and an excuse to spray people with toxic chemicals, which can then be handy when Big Pharma wants to treat these people for chronic health problems.
Back to chemtrails...

This is a beginning start to the mainstream media exposing chemtrails.... But I wouldn't say that this is total success. They need to expose the program even more... So, obviously we're not there yet, but we're seeing progress every day. I can't tell if this is from a mainstream source that's just local and not well known... or if it's an alternative news source that's trying to look mainstream.. Calling it "investigative/investigation team" sounds like trying to sound mainstream but not actually... I can't tell. Check out their news channel's site (and the interesting "investigations" link in the top right corner): However, at 4:12, the news host says that she (the person who exposed documents) will be making all of her findings public online at a community college... So, maybe this is a mainstream local source. See for yourself. That being said, I'm waiting for Big Media to come out from hiding and disclose the truth on it, not just smaller sources.
Published on May 9, 2013
Our Government is Still doing this today.
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