Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrities: Mind Control Victims?

There's a lot going on about Amanda Bynes in the news lately..
I saw this, and wondered, is the Bynes family elite?  what about other celebrities?  How are they related to the illuminati, close connections, anti-connections, what is the connection?

Well, after learning about Michael Jackson and the illuminati, this became my question:
Celebrities.. the people that the media watch and report on like crazy... the people that teenagers and tweens and children obssess over and want to be like... their behavior is crazy, we think that they're rich, crazy, glamorous, and going through major problems with going insane, being major drama queens, having all sorts of drug problems, parties, and disorders like eating disorders and bipolar.... etc...
But, could they really just be mind control victims?

Britney Spears - A VICTIM OF ILLUMINATI MK ultra

(I don't know if Barbara Hartwell lies about her experiences, I doubt it, I'm pretty certain she's a mind control victim to say the least... this is probably at least 10 or 20 years old. But now, she's said to have worked for the CIA, and she's on my disinformation list because I don't trust her, you can read why here.)

Amanda Bynes Breakdown EXPOSED! She is a Victim of Illuminati MK Ultra Mind Control

So, what other celebrities might be victims?  Lohan? She allegedly claimed and tweeted that a freemason was stalking her, out to kill her.  See here.
For more on Lohan, Britney, Mind control, ect. see here (everything on that page is awesome), video hereand this video.