Thursday, April 11, 2013

GMO: Stop the Oregon Senate Bill 633

I got an email about this today.
"I am very concerned about a bill currently being considered by the Oregon Senate. Senate Bill 633 would prohibit local governments from taking action in their communities regarding the growing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  
SB 633 would unfairly impact communities where organic and non-GMO farming has become a vital economic growth industry and where the risk of genetic cross contamination with GMO crops is growing. The risk of economic losses to these operations from contamination by GMO crops and weeds is very real. Rather than protecting sustainable farming in Oregon, SB 633 would protect the interests of multinational biotechnology companies. 
Oregon's counties and local governments must have the right to defend themselves against the potential for irreversible economic and ecological harm that GMO crops pose to their local areas. 
Please protect the voice of all Oregonians and oppose Senate Bill 633."

Sign it here.